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Amy Korthals

Division Chair - Humanities

Faculty – Business, Humanities

Donita Ortega

Jana Phillips

Faculty – Natural Science

Kevin McCarthy

Faculty - Natural Science

Mark Ramsey

Pam Delay

Faculty – Fine Arts

Ruth McReynolds

Faculty – Natural Science

Tammy Allen

Faculty - English

Angela Wetuski

Faculty - Humanities, Foreign Language

Cindy Campbell

Ellie Smedley (Tober)

Jeanine Sanchez

Director of Regional Operations

Faculty English

Kristen Marengo

Faculty - English, Humanities

Matt Ryniker

Faculty - Humanities

Regina Barney

Faculty - Natural Science, Mathematics

Sally Kettering

Division Chair - Fine Art

Faculty – Fine Arts

Viv Lynn

Department Chair – Academic Development

Faculty – Academic Development, Online

Anne Dyess

Faculty – Foreign Language

Cindy Roberts

Gretchen Minchey

Jeremy Kelley

Faculty - Engineering & Technology

Mandy Reeder

Robert Oliver

Faculty – Humanities

Sandra Gaiser

Director of IT Services

Faculty – Engineering and Technology

Annie Fizzell

Faculty – Fine Arts

Jacqueline Lawrence

Kassarah Gudmunson

Misty Keith

Faculty – English

Rose Marie Dillon

Faculty – English

Susan Peisker

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