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​Engineering & Technology Division

Michele Collard portrait 2015_edited.jpg

Michele Collard

Engineering & Technology  Division Chair

Why Engineering & Technology?

It IS the future. The field of engineering has always been one of the most lucrative of professions and one of the most rewarding. It is literally how everything works.


As for technology, these courses should be CORE courses that every child must learn. In China, every child learns to program, not because everyone will grow up to be programmer, but because it teaches you how to solve problems, think logically, methodically and effectively. How do you shop? Book a table at a restaurant? Communicate with friends? Bank? Work? All of our daily activities are touched by technology, and if our children don't learn about it, they will fall far behind.

Engineering & Technology Courses

are taught by degreed, industry-experienced, Christian instructors who have a passion for sharing knowledge in their particular industry.


Engineering & Technology at One Day Academy

is a growing Division. Current courses are in Engineering, Robotics, Office Applications and Computer Programming.  All Engineering & Technology courses are developed to give your student mastery in areas that can successfully transfer into many ares of life and ministry.

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