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Academic Development Courses

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Viv Lynn

Curriculum Writer

Preparing students for higher level academic achievement

is a vital concern for parents as their children mature. We desire to equip families by teaching their children skills they need to be successful in any academic pursuit as well as in life itself!


What kinds of courses are available to prepare my child for academic success?

There are three general areas of courses in this division.


Study Skills

In establishing a foundation for academic success, students must master essential study skills, building on their natural learning style to develop personal, spiritual and academic goals. To achieve those goals, students learn to plan and organize their time, as well as how to paraphrase, take notes, outline, study, prepare for tests.


Critical Thinking and Logic

Critical thinking and logic skills are essential to developing strong students with excellent reasoning capacities. Whether your children take a foundational critical thinking skills or a more formal logic course, your children will flourish with these vital reasoning skills that will affect all academic areas as well as daily decisions they make.


College Preparatory Courses

Much of your children’s future is dependent not only upon establishing a firm academic foundation for college, but also with equipping them with strong test-taking skills for the specific college entrance exams they will take. Colleges rely on SAT and ACT test scores for admissions more for home schoolers than other academic groups. Students’ achievement of high test scores affects grant and scholarship opportunities as well as admissions into their college of choice. Through the SAT and ACT test preparatory courses offered at One Day Academy, students will not only strengthen Critical Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing, and Math Skills, (in addition to Science for the ACT Prep), but also learn specific test-taking strategies and take practice exams with professional evaluation as well.


How will my children benefit from these courses more than if they learn the same curriculum on their own?

With experienced, professional teachers that use a wide variety of specially developed materials for each course, your children will excel!


Viv Lynn
Academic Development Division Chair
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