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Tammy Allen


Faculty - English



  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Minor in Early Childhood Education - University of Texas at Austin

  • Dyslexia Education - Rawson Saunders Institute in Austin



  • One Day Academy supervisor - 2 years

  • Full-time homeschooling mom of two boys - 10 years

  • Elementary Co-op teacher - 4 year

  • Involved with Trail Life USA - 6 years

  • Youth ministry and missions leadership Hill Country Bible Church - 5 years

  • Practicing as a trained dyslexia interventionist - 3 years

Mrs. Allen was instrumental in my son's early literacy journey.  Her experience with the Rawson Saunders methods helped my son overcome some reading obstacles that he had been facing

for quite some time.  She made the lessons fun and engaging for him.  Where there had previously been frustration and angst, there was now growth and success.  I believe her gentleness, patience, and persistence helped him not only to overcome some of his struggles but also gave him confidence in his abilities and fostered a love of reading.

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