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English Division

World Views of the Western World is an alternate path to high school English, History and elective credits. This honors level course of study is for highly motivated students who desire an integrated approach to acquiring these credits. See HUMANITIES page for course descriptions and credits.

At One Day Academy

we believe that all students can be successful and proficient at reading, writing, and communicating. We enjoy challenging those students who seem to be natural-born writers, who love to read the classics such as Dickens, and who aspire to a career in writing, journalism, or communications.


We also love

seeing progress in students who currently read at a lower level than their peers, students who prefer comic books to novels, and those students who may have difficulty constructing a well-written sentence or paragraph.  We take pleasure in encouraging students who already enjoy reading and are writing well and those who would benefit from positive classroom interactions such as peer editing, group and class discussions.


We offer

all levels of instruction geared to individual needs. We offer the benefits of group discussion of literature as well as social interaction. By meeting our objectives, we hope to lighten the load of the home-educating teacher and lend support in this vital subject.


Skills your student will learn through the One Day Academy English Program
  • Basic Grammar

  • Mechanics of Writing

  • Paragraph Structure

  • 5-paragraph Essay

  • Literary Analysis

  • Research Paper

  • Various Literary Genres – (Poetry, Short Story, Novel, Essay, Drama)

  • American Literature

  • World Literature

Kierstyn Krajca
English Division Chair
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