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Our Goal

One Day Academy’s goal is to have the best faculty in town. Period.

In fact, every administrative policy and financial decision is geared toward actively recruiting and retaining these incomparable teachers. Along with being foremost in their respective fields, our faculty is known also for their own personal love for the Lord and willingness to serve Him in other settings outside of school.


Our Reasons

Simply put, we recognize that students flourish under the best teachers.

We may never have great sports teams or rooms full of fancy equipment. But we do have the kind of teachers who will change your child forever: the kind that inspires a love for learning, an enjoyment of life, and an excitement about the future. This is where we are focused. This is what you may expect from us.


Our Faculty

You are invited to “meet” our faculty through their personal pages on this website, to find out who they are and where the Lord has directed their paths. One Day Academy is excited to offer teachers of such high caliber, academic credibility, and experience both inside and outside the classroom.


Teacher Evaluations

In our never-ending quest to have the best faculty in town, we agree with universities: that student feedback is both trustworthy and instructive. To this end, we evaluate our faculty every April: every faculty by every student on every campus every year.

About the Faculty
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