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Amy Korthals


Division Chair - Humanities
Faculty – Business, Humanities



  • University of Mary, Social and Behavioral Science Major with a Minor in Secondary Education



  • Homeschooled 3 children – 21 years

  • Taught in various Co-ops – 21 years

  • ODA Supervisor – 3 years

  • CHERR Co-op Co-director – 9 years

  • Taught Transcript Boot Camps since 2006

  • Homeschool Advisor - 20 years

  • Smoothing the Way leader – 5 years

  • Middle School and Highschool youth leader - 5 years

  • Children’s Ministry Director – 4 years

  • Bible School Director and Teacher – 4 years


“Mrs. Korthals’ class was a bright spot in my senior year.”

“You are my son’s favorite teacher!”

“Econ was my favorite class.  I didn’t think I’d like it, but it turned out to be my favorite.”

“I wish I had you for a teacher all 4 years of high school.”

“Your class felt safe and inviting for my anxious daughter.”

“I appreciate how you worked with our son last year.  We were so excited to see how much he grew over the school year.  Keep up the good work”

“I want to sincerely thank you for leading such an awesome class. I cannot tell you how much my daughter has talked about class with excitement”

“Thanks for investing the time and energy to make a critically important, but usually boring, topic come to life and be relevant.”

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