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​Natural Science Division

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Amber Brown

Natural Science Division Chair

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Science at One Day Academy

Robert Boyle, who is known as the founder of modern chemistry, stated, "Remember to give glory to the One who authored nature." At One Day Academy, we stand by those words in the teaching of all areas of science. When your child takes science from us, they will be able to see the hand of God in His awesome creation.


What we offer

Our students are able to begin their science studies at an early age with our General Science 3/4 course and continue until their senior year, taking advanced courses in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. We use Harcourt and Bob Jones science curriculum in the elementary grades, and Apologia in middle school and high school.


Hands-on Science

At One Day Academy, science is taught using a "hands-on" approach rather than a strictly lecture approach. We believe that children learn best by experience. We bring this belief into the science classroom by providing many labs and experiments that reinforce what they are studying at home.


Teachers with Passion

Our teachers have a passion for science because your children will come into contact with some area of science every day of their lives. In addition, the future of jobs and industry is becoming such that careers in science are more numerous and attractive all the time. We want your child to fall in love with science, and to leave our classes with a solid foundation that will help them take any college level science they may need.


Natural Science Division Chair
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