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Kassarah Gudmunson


Faculty – Humanities



  • B.S. in Psychology, minor in Philosophy from Colorado Christian University

  • ODA Alumna, Class of 2016



  • World View Classes Intern - 3 years

  • Early Childhood Homeschool Specialist - 2 years

  • Teacher to Homeschooled High School Students - 1 year

  • Test Administrator at The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk - 1 year

  • Private Tutor to Homeschooled Students - 6 years

  • Sunday School Teacher - 6 years


I really enjoyed this class!! Mrs. Gudmunson speaks like a DJ and was so fun!! It was a running joke that when she used her hands to talk she looked like a DJ scratching records. I got to know my classmates on a deep level. I know I’ll be friends with [my classmates] for a long time because of just how deep the conversations got. I’ve never had a teacher teach like that before, in a good way!!


I don’t really like doing school… [but] this class was different. Mrs. Gudmunson is passionate about [the course’s content]. The way she teaches is interesting and fun. I was interested in the class and looked forward to it, which was new to me. Even though I’m not her student anymore, I [will] stay in touch with her in the future. 


Kassarah was a true gift from God during the pandemic! She provided educational counseling for our family and advocated for us as a homeschooling family in New York City... She wrote personalized education plans, have insightful advice, and shared candid conversations during the most stressful year of our lives. We are confident that our daughter thrived despite the pandemic thanks to Kassarah’s educational mentoring because it focused on our entire family, not just [our daughter]… I will always treasure my time home with [my daughter] that Kassarah made possible. I don’t know what we would have done without her!


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