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​Fine Arts Division

sally kettering portrait 2.jpg

Sally Kettering

Fine Arts Division Chair


At One Day Academy, the Fine Arts encompass the visual arts, music, dance, drama, etc. Through these expressions, students gain confidence as they move back and forth between a range of personal disciplines and skill development assignments, commonly referred to left and right brain activities.


Creative Expression

These are valued and facilitated through a variety of challenging courses and individual instruction. Through structured curriculum, we give students the opportunity to grow and develop at a pace that "fits them" as an individual. Recitals, performances, and visual presentations are a vital part of our Fine Arts program.


Demonstration and Feedback

Students learn to receive subjective and objective feedback of their projects and performances from caring instructors. We encourage students to give each other constructive criticism – a valuable communication skill that can be used across many academic disciplines. Through the demonstration of learned skills, our students grow in confidence, developing a "can do" attitude.



We inspire, we draw out original ideas, and we guide students toward the best and most creative solutions. At One Day Academy, our hope is that through the Fine Arts, students will become well-rounded, motivated individuals who use their skills and talents to bless others and to serve the Lord.


--Fine Arts Division
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