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Robert Oliver


Faculty – Humanities



  • BBA Accounting University of Texas

  • ThM Dallas Theological Seminary

  • DMin Dallas Theological Seminary



  • Teaching World View, Probe Center – 2 years

  • Campus Ministry, The Navigators – 2 years

  • Senior Pastor since 1991

  • Teaching World View courses at One Day Academy since 2007


Colorado Christian University: "Worldview was the most influential course of my life. Thanks to it tracing a broad span of Western Thought, I was able to hone in my passion for philosophy and behavioral analysis while I was in high school. Worldview synthesized seemingly segregated topics, like governmental theory and theology. It has played a major role in my ability to discern the thought behind seemingly nonchalant statements and compare assumptions to the Biblical view. Together with the workload and the difficulty of the material, I excelled in college, working two part time jobs while taking 15-18 credits and paying off loans as I went. Dr. Oliver has challenged me both through the course material and in my personal life to discover and integrate my personal theology to my life. Truly a one-of-a-kind mentor, he taught me how to critically think for myself by modeling how to think, not what to think."

Music Major, University of Arizona: "The Worldview courses helped me learn to think critically about everything from literature to food to friendships. It taught me how to write a tight essay and it provided a solid foundation for making informed decisions. Because the curriculum covered so much history and philosophy, I often find myself drawing upon what I learned in that class to inform my daily conversations and studies. The class was challenging and it enriched and shaped my high school education. "

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