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Mathematics Division

Jennifer Bolt potrait.jpg

Mathematics Division Chair

Here at One Day Academy

we believe that all students can be successful at learning math, can enjoy learning math, and can progress to the highest levels of high school mathematics.


Do we like working with

bright, eager math learners, whose natural bent makes math a simple subject to master? Absolutely. We can help them build solid foundations, progress quickly without deficiency, and race through calculus, as early as 8th grade. We have a 96% rate of students making an A in college calculus after completing calculus at One Day Academy, some of whom did not like math when they started.


Do we like working with

frustrated, older students who have been struggling without success to master transition mathematics and move into algebra? Absolutely. We offer free tutoring on some campuses, free individual assistance on all other campuses. If a student is faithful, diligent, and teachable, we can help him or her get past the math issues, and learn math as well as is desired or needed. Many of our students complete pre-calculus, make an A in College Algebra with very little effort, and never have to do math again – a good goal for some students.


Do we like working with

average students who are working through math fairly well but want the benefits of classroom experience? Absolutely. Many of our students are not sure what they are doing after high school, but know that, whatever they do, math will probably be an important part of getting there.


To these ends

we offer a complete mathematics program on every campus: A-Beka in the elementary grades, Swarbrick and Miller in Middle School, Saxon in the high school, and university textbooks for calculus and beyond. We cover more than the textbook in every course we teach, just to make sure that student learning is as effective and thorough as possible. We want every student to enjoy math, every student to be successful at math, and every student to be blessed by conquering math as they transition from high school to college.


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