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Georgetown Campus

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Campus Admissions:  Elizabeth Gonzalez | 254-426-6280 |

Campus Director:  Gretchen Minchey| 512-560-4753 |


Regina Barney
Faculty - Natural Science, Mathematics
Cindy Campbell
Faculty – Fine Arts
Michele Collard
Division Chair - Engineering & Technology Faculty – Mathematics, Natural Science, Engineering & Technology
Pam Delay
Faculty – Fine Arts
Anne Dyess
Faculty – Foreign Language
Sandra Gaiser
Director of IT Services Faculty – Engineering & Technology
Kassarah Gudmunson
Faculty – Humanities
Misty Keith
Faculty – English
Sally Kettering
Division Chair - Fine Art Faculty – Fine Arts
Amy Korthals
Division Chair - Humanities Faculty – Business, Humanities
Kevin McCarthy
Faculty - Natural Science
Gretchen Minchey
Department Head – American Sign Language Faculty – Foreign Language
Nichelle Nelson
Faculty - Humanities
Susan Peisker
Faculty – English
Jana Phillips
Faculty – Natural Science
Mark Ramsey
Faculty – Fine Arts
Mandy Reeder
Faculty – Mathematics
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