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Elizabeth Gonzalez


Regional Director | Heart of Texas
Admissions Director
Faculty – English



  • BA English - UMHB 1998

  • Minor: Mass Communication



  • Teaching at One Day Academy since 2014

  • Private Education 8 years

  • Co-Op Leader 3 years


"You (Mrs. Gonzalez) make learning fun!  I never knew nouns and adjectives could be so entertaining!"

"Our class period flies by because our discussions are so interesting!" 

"You (Mrs. Gonzalez) are a joy to have as a part of our homeschool journey!'

Mrs Gonzalez takes time to make sure we understand.  She really cares about her students.  She always asks how our games are going or how our family is doing.  She teaches me English, but she also shows us so much love.

Mrs. Gonzalez  takes so many rabbit trails in American Literature, but she always relates it back to the book.  I feel like I learned about life and The Great Gatsby.

Mrs. Gonzalez makes class fun.

Mrs. Gonzalez made us marry words in class.  We married the preposition and the object of the preposition.  If we didn't marry them that meant they were single and called an adverb. I remembered it on the test.

Mrs. Gonzalez loves her students.

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