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Marble Falls Campus

Lake Shores Church Marble Falls Campus 23-24.png

Campus Admissions:  Bonnie Porterfield | 512-569-1021 |

Campus Director:  Bonnie Porterfield | 512-569-1021 |


Haley Austin
Faculty - Natural Science
Katie Barnard
Faculty – Natural Science
Sally Best
Faculty – Business, Humanities
Casey Burns
Faculty – Mathematics
Sandra Gaiser
Director of IT Services Faculty – Engineering & Technology
Jason Hinds
Faculty – Natural Science
Amy Kitchens
Faculty – Mathematics
Linda McArthur
Faculty – Fine Arts
Amy Miller
Faculty – Fine Arts
Jonathan Moon
Faculty – Humanities
Bonnie Porterfield
Regional Director - Hill Country Faculty – English
Rachel Porterfield
Faculty – Fine Arts
Mark Ramsey
Faculty – Fine Arts
Jamie Reeder
Faculty – English
Esther Rossainz
Faculty - Foreign Language
Courtney Stanley
Faculty – Humanities, English
Amy Stubblefield
Faculty – English, Humanities
Tricia Tatham
Faculty - English
Cynthia Wilson
Faculty – Natural Science

Campus Policies

This campus opens at 8:15 am and closes at 4:15pm.

Students are not permitted to walk off this campus.

Electronics / Supervisor Room Policy
Campus Policies
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