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Bonnie Porterfield


Regional Director | Hill Country
Faculty – English



  • BA Criminal Justice, magna cum laude - Saint Edward's University

  • BA History and English; Secondary Teaching Certification: History, English, and Reading - Texas State University



  • Teaching since 1992

  • Homeschool Educator since 2000

  • One Day Academy English Teacher since 2015

  • Public Middle and High School English, Reading, and History Teacher - early 90’s

  • Children’s Ministry - Sunday School Teacher - 8 years

  • Women’s Ministry - Bible Study Leader and Teacher - 5 years

  • Youth Ministry - Teen Discipleship Curriculum Creator and Teacher, Teen Girl Bible Study Leader and Teacher, Youth Mission Trips, Youth Pastor’s Wife - 13 years

  • Oatmeal Festival Board Member, Vice President since 2015

  • Harmony School of Creative Arts Board Member, Secretary since 2020

  • One Day Academy Hill Country Regional Director since 2021


"Mrs. Porterfield is the best English teacher I’ve ever had! She’s understanding, compassionate, and knowledgeable. She always sees the best in us students and inspires us to try harder. Her skills as a teacher and ability to connect with students helps me learn a lot from her.”

"I love being in her class! I feel she is teaching to us and not at us. Everything is always so lighthearted and joyful. She’s not afraid to laugh with us! I don't just learn English in her class, I learn what a humble woman of God looks like!”

“English 4 has been an amazing class, allowing me to grow as a writer and also providing room for me to express my personal opinion and style. Mrs. Porterfield has also been wonderful by providing me with constructive criticism, advice, and encouragement. She is smart, caring, helpful, fantastic, and kind."

“I think Mrs. Porterfield is a great teacher. The class is fun, too! My favorite part is the vocabulary definitions and sentences. She makes class interesting and easy to understand because of her positivity. She’s very godly, sweet, and patient.”

“I really enjoy my English class. It is very fun because you get to learn all about punctuation and stories. You even get to write a story! She explains everything very well, and I highly recommend her because she is a great teacher. She’s awesome, super nice, and funny.”

“Mrs. Porterfield is the most loving teacher I know. When you first walk into her class on the first day, she makes you feel like you’ve known each other forever. She goes over the smallest thing in English, so we can understand it more. I appreciate her sacrifice and commitment to help us learn. I also appreciate her love for the students.”

"Mrs. Porterfield's class was very enjoyable and interesting because of the engaging way she teaches and presents the material in class. It helped me become better at grammar, spelling, and writing papers. It also taught me more about adjectives, synonyms, nouns, plurals, helping verbs, predicate nominatives, and prepositions. She helps me understand the lessons.”

“My English class is awesome. Mrs. Porterfield explains everything in great detail, helping me understand the material. I really enjoy the spiritual environment that is present in her class. She encourages me to do better in English, as well as all other areas of my life. She is kind and helpful.”

“Mrs. Porterfield is the best teacher. She is great at teaching English, and my class is fun! I have learned so much about English and life skills to become a Christ-like young lady. I feel like I learn a lot from her because she does a good job of explaining things. I am grateful to Mrs. Porterfield for being my teacher.”

“My daughter is really enjoying your class. English has never been her favorite subject, but she is really motivated to do her best with you. Thank you for inspiring her to work hard and find pleasure in this subject. Your class has eliminated a lot of drama at home, so you have my undying gratitude!”

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