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NOTE: Not all courses are offered each summer. Please see Summer Course Schedules.

Intro to High School English 1

Suggested Age:

This course is designed to bridge the frequently seen gap between Middle School and High School English. In only eight weeks, students can review concepts taught in One Day Academy’s Middle School English 2 while learning concepts and skills that will prepare them for One Day Academy’s High School English 1.

This course is taught by ODA English Division Chair, faculty, and ODA middle school curriculum writer, Kierstyn Krajca and can be taken in the summer leading up to high school. Additionally, students who are new to ODA, even if already in high school, can be better prepared for the rigors of high school English after taking this course.

Even if your student isn’t homeschooled, he/she can take this course and glean benefits!

Three Prong Approach

During this course, students will cover the three main aspects of English: Writing, Grammar, and Vocabulary.

The materials covered in the writing portion are consistent in preparing students for One Day Academy’s High School English 1 course and build off the materials taught in One Day Academy’s Middle School English 2.

The grammar portion of this course utilizes the first half of Jensen’s Punctuation where students will learn the five main sentence structures and how to punctuate them. Students will need to purchase Jensen’s Punctuation.

For vocabulary, students will review the prefixes and suffixes taught in Middle School English 1 and the roots taught in Middle School English 2.


The cost for this course is $200, due by the first day of class, with a registration fee of $15, due upon registration.

Summer English

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