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Waco Campus


Campus Admissions:  Elizabeth Gonzalez | 254-426-6280 |
Director: Elizabeth Gonzalez | 254-426-6280|


Dave Becker
Faculty – Humanities
Joli Beevers
Faculty – Natural Science
Corrie Bell
Faculty – Business
Michelle Cunningham
Faculty - Mathematics
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Heart of Texas Regional Director Admissions Director Faculty – English
Rachel Hanson
Faculty – Fine Arts
Jasmine Lorton
Faculty – Fine Arts
Margaret McNamara
Faculty – English
Caroline Moehlenbrock
Faculty - Mathematics
Michelle Moravec
Faculty - Mathematics
Amy Perry
Faculty – Athletics
Travis Roberts
Faculty – Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
Matthew Wilcox
Faculty – Mathematics
Greg Williams
Faculty - Natural Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
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