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Dave Becker


Faculty – Humanities



  • Master of Theological Studies - Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Bachelor of Arts, Christian Ministry. - Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary & Southwest Baptist University



  • Adjunct Professor: Southwest Baptist University - (MA) Leadership in the Local Church; (BA) Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Spiritual Formation - since 2019

  • Pastor of Teaching & Leadership: Grace Church, Waco - since 2022

  • Pastor of College & Missions: Freshwater Church & First Baptist Church - Bolivar, MO - 13 years

  • Global mission engagement and leadership in dozens of countries - over 20 years

  • Bonhoeffer Project Cohort - 1 year


"Mr. Becker communicates well with a younger generation and is very good at recognizing his audience's engagement and shifting his teaching around that."

"He does a great job explaining the Bible in a way that is relevant for us today."

"The instructor allowed for discussions and made sure each student was heard. I enjoyed listening to his lectures, because he was knowledgeable and passionate about the material."

"Dave cares deeply about his students and our success. He also is very relatable and helps us to comprehend Biblical ideas in real time and space."

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