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Elementary Robots
Suggested Age







We have all seen robots. In the future robots will be used throughout society. Do you want to learn about the world of robots and what they can do?  This is the course for you! 


This is our entry level course. It is aim toward elementary age students. We will be using the Ozobot EVO robot, the same robot NASA uses at their visitor center to introduce students to robotics. As a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) course the activities will integrate STEM subjects with robotics. The student will have fun but will be learning some very important skills. All projects will be done in groups or 2 or 3. In the world of technology it is so important to learn how to work with your peers.


The student will learn to code with color commands and with OzoBlockly. This course will give them the confidence to do their own programming.


Here are some of the projects we will be doing:

  • Coding a story

  • Create your own world for Evo

  • Write Your Name in OzoCodes

  • Hungry, Hungry Evo

Curriculum / Materials
  • Ozobot Evo: Each person is required to purchase one. You can purchase it on Amazon. Used ones are available for purchase by contacting

Middle School Robot Programming
Suggested Age







Do you want to solve problems? Do you want to learn how computers work? Do you want to learn about programming? Would it be fun to learn how to control a robot through a program you have written? This is the course for you!


This is an introductory course in computer science and programming. You will study programming concepts, computational thinking, and digital citizenship.  At the end of the course you will create your own game, story or robot activity you can share.


You will learn foundational concepts of programming using drag and drop blocks rather than a programming language. Blocks are an easier way to get started and many top Universities today begin their classes with block-based programming.


The course is based’s Computer Science Fundamentals – Express online course along with the Sphero Edu robot labs. But independent exploration is encouraged.


Have your child be prepared for the jobs of the 21st century. All are not going to be programmers as a profession, but computers will be very much a part of their lives.

Curriculum / Materials
Advanced Robotics
Suggested Age



  • Robot Programming/Scratch Programming (or equivalent)

  • Transition Math or higher

  • Placement exam given by teacher prior to registering


This course will provide the environment for the student to learn programming while working with robots.

In the course we will using the Sphero RVR. This is a robot that builds on what the student has learned in the Robot Programming course.


The first half of the course we will be programming the RVR with JavaScript. The fundamentals of JavaScript will be taught while learning to program the RVR.

In the second half of the course we will be adding a Raspberry Pi to the RVR. We will be teaching the Python programming language. Each student will be adding sensors and devices to the RVR through the Raspberry Pi. The students will learn how to integrate the Raspberry Pi and the RVR.


The year will finish with a team project.

Team development is encouraged and required.  Students will work in teams of 2 or 3.

Curriculum / Materials

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