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Robot Programming: Scratch and Python

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Engineering & Technology



Suggested Age:



Middle School Robot Programming / Scratch Programming (or equivalent) or Intro to Game Programming, completed Transition Math or higher

Robot Programming: Scratch and Python

Course Description:

This robot programming course will help prepare a student for Advanced Robotics by building on Middle School Robot Programming. The student will program the robot in Scratch and Python.

The Makeblock mBot Neo will be the robot we use. Makeblock mBot Neo Programming Robot, Coding Robot is compatible with Scratch and Python and supports WiFi, IoT and AI Technology.

This programming robot allows children to learn programming in scratch and python, to intuitively do electronics assembling, and gain robotics knowledge. It will enhance a children's hand-eye coordination, concentration, logical thinking, and creativity from building to playing. The basic functions include line-follow, obstacle-avoidance, object follow, and mobile app. Voice commands are supported.

The main computer is the CyberPi. The robot has a built-in ultrasonic sensor, obstacle sensors, buzzer sensor module, receiver & transmitter, and WIFI module.  Neo can connect with the Internet and let children experience the Internet of Things (IoT).


UPDATED 5/15/24

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