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Elementary Robots

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Engineering & Technology



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Elementary Robots

Course Description:

We have all seen robots. In the future robots will be used throughout society. Do you want to learn about the world of robots and what they can do?  This is the course for you!

This is our entry level course. It is aim toward elementary age students. We will be using the Ozobot EVO robot, the same robot NASA uses at their visitor center to introduce students to robotics. As a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) course the activities will integrate STEM subjects with robotics. The student will have fun but will be learning some very important skills. All projects will be done in groups or 2 or 3. In the world of technology it is so important to learn how to work with your peers.

The student will learn to code with color commands and with OzoBlockly. This course will give them the confidence to do their own programming.

Here are some of the projects we will be doing:

  • Coding a story

  • Create your own world for Evo

  • Write Your Name in OzoCodes

  • Hungry, Hungry Evo


1. Robot required: Ozobot Evo

  • For a $50 fee instructors can provide an Ozobot robot to use in class only. These cannot be taken home. 

  • Or you can purchase your own EVO robot at

  • Used robots may be available for purchase by contacting

2. A tablet, Chromebook or laptop with Bluetooth to drive & program the robot (no phones, please).

3. A 1-inch 3-ring binder to hold handouts given in class each week.

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