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  • David Swarbrick

Decision-making and COVID

Before I start announcing any specific details. I would like to let you know a few overarching notions which will be guiding our thinking.

First, we want to make as few decisions as possible. In general we are going to operate according to permissions granted, both by governmental jurisdictions and by specific host churches. We may have to make a few modifications. But in general we are going to follow protocol which is laid out for us.

Second, we recognize that each campus will need its own specific plan. We are committed to working with regional staff to come up with a plan for each campus which balances freedom, safety, flexibility, and courtesy.

Third, we are going to let our decisions be guided by medical experts. We have spent the summer monitoring information, both info which is readily available and info which is less widely circulated. This is first and foremost a medical issue. And we want medical experts guiding our thoughts.

Fourth, we understand that nothing is set for the entire academic year. We will have to be monitoring community activity and policy for each campus on an ongoing basis. And are glad to do so to help ensure that the year is both as normal as possible and as safe as possible for our families.

Next, I will begin to look at some of the specific information which we will be using to make decisions.



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