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US Government (LETU POLS 2503)

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High School American History or equivalent

US Government  (LETU POLS 2503)

Course Description:

Partnering with LeTourneau University, we are excited to offer this one-semester course for high school students. Students will earn 3 university credit hours.  They will learn not only how local, state, and national governments are structured, but means of participating in and influencing government at each level. Throughout the course we will study the institutions, groups, beliefs and ideas that make up American politics. Special attention will be directed toward learning how to analyze primary source documents.

The U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence will be studied in detail, supplemented by parts of the Federalist Papers. There will be a special emphasis on the judicial system. Students will survey famous historical cases such as Marbury v. Madison, Brown v. Board of Education, and Roe v. Wade, as well as important current cases and issues.

This course is interactive. During the semester students will participate in a variety of simulations and debates which will help them to master the material.  One significant research paper will be required.


Edition: 6th

Author: Brigid Harrison and Jean Harris

Publisher: McGraw Hill

ISBN Number: 978-1259912399

The book can be purchased or rented.

  • Course Supplement (will be handed out first day of class.  Order through instructor)

Tuition:  No monthly tuition.  Course fee of $270 is paid directly to LeTourneau University.

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