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​High School Majors

What is a major?

Five courses which prepare a student for university level study in a specific discipline

What are the benefits of a major?
  • A chance to look at what will be expected in college, and how well suited a student is for that field of study

  • A chance to cluster course selection with a purpose in mind

  • An opportunity to prepare for a college major or field of study

  • A strength to build into a high school transcript

  • A chance to work with teachers who are experienced in that subject at the university level.

  • Graduate with distinction in recognition of your accomplishment

How do I declare a major?
  1. Select a major which you are interested in pursuing.

  2. Complete and submit your ODA High School Majors Application

  3. Once your application is approved, you will be contacted by email to verify your major and coursework to be completed.

  4. When you complete your major program, you will graduate with the Majors distinction which will be printed on your diploma and reflected with a special honor cord.  You will also receive a Majors Certificate presented at graduation.



Patti Ashley ODA Student Liaison/STEM engagement

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