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Drawing and Painting 1

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Fine Arts


Visual Arts

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A natural flair for art or Exploring Art Mediums Course.

Drawing and Painting 1

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This is the follow-up to the introductory studio course, Exploring Art Mediums. In this course we will continue to explore the expression of ideas using a variety of media (graphite, charcoal, and paint media), and a variety of techniques with emphasis on natural form, composition and self-expression. Each student will be re-introduced to the core concepts and skills through exercises and small take-home projects. The semester will begin with drawing skills and conclude with watercolor and acrylic painting. Students will also get to choose their own individual projects to show off their newly refined skills and techniques.

New students with a gift for art are encouraged to join us and will be given additional guidance and instruction as needed.


  • Purchased through instructor

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