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Standards of Excellence has developed a course called “Study Skills”, the focus of which is the development of competence in the disciplines of study skills.

  • Taking notes effortlessly so that you can compress chapters into a few pages of notes,

  • studying effectively to make it fun to cement those myriad concepts and

  • testing without cramming, without anxiety and full recall are some of the great benefits of our SUCCESS 4 STUDENTS Study Skills course!

The amalgamation of the skills developed though our course will bolster your teen’s confidence and give him or her important tools for a successful academic experience. Miss Viv will meld the course textbooks’ content with fun and games that will help your teen explore and cement important thinking, communication and study skills.

This wonderful course is motivating, humorous, and effective! It helps students develop the strong study skills they need for success, including:


  • Getting a vision for their success

  • Setting goals

  • Determining your learning style

  • Organizing your schoolwork and schedule

  • Managing time

  • Listening and paraphrasing

  • Using symbols for note taking

  • Increasing memory

  • Taking notes in 4 different formats, one of which will fit your teen!

  • Reading Faster

  • Prioritizing

  • Building character

  • Studying

  • Taking tests


Our full year course covers all these areas in great depth in addition to addition to a career exploration project

  • We provide all texts and materials

  • Predominant curriculum is ‘Success 4 Students’ with other lessons interwoven.

  • Student supply list:

    • For Class:

      • 2 black pens

      • 4 pencils (#2)

      • 1 two inch 3-ring Notebook (No spiral bound notebooks)

      • 5 notebook dividers: (Title: Syllabus/ Calendar, Notes, Career Investigation,

      • Homework)

      • 32 sheet protectors

      • 64 sheets of ruled paper (No spiral bound notebooks)

    • For Project in Lesson 7: Tracking Your School Work

      • Pencil Bag

      • Mini-stapler or paper clips

      • Ruler

      • 3-hole punch flat –to keep in notebook – just big enough to punch a few pages

      • Pocket Folders (one for each course)


College Assessment Test Prep (CATP)
Suggested Age



Enrollment in Algebra 1 / Enrollment English 2



NEW COURSE!!!  College Assessment Test Prep Course Description:  Three in One!


The new PSAT and SAT are similar in structure and design to the ACT now. Thus, we are melding the 3 courses into one comprehensive course!


Students will be taught helpful strategies and develop the capacity to master the PSAT, SAT and ACT test. They will be given practical experiences that train them to effectively put their knowledge to work under testing conditions. Students will amass skills and techniques from test-prep materials from College Board, ACT, Princeton Review, Kaplan, Barron's & Ivy Global. Our course also incorporates instruction that covers the materials included in the all these tests.


By attacking the material methodically over the course of the entire school year, students will be well- grounded in subject matter covered by each section! It is common for our students to increase their overall score by significantly. In the past five years, an average of 8 of our students per year become NMSQT scholars. It is important to note that students' scores increase in proportion to their participation in the course. Students can expect up to 5 hrs. of homework weekly.


The course is rigorous and includes a thorough writing curriculum specific for the SAT and ACT essays. We provide targeted instruction for all levels of Math, Grammar, Rhetoric, and Critical Reading as well as Science and Social Studies that pertains to these tests.

Students will also take practice sections in PSAT, SAT and ACT throughout the year as well as 3 Practice PSATs, SATs or ACTs. Additionally, they will write 4 ACT essays and 4 SAT essays.


This class is also fun for students since we have created competitions that give students opportunities to gain speed in critical thinking, and increase speed in essay responses; additional competitions expose students to typical grammar and math traps and build their skills in logic, reading comprehension and quick thinking!


Students will learn:

  1. The difference between the PSAT and SAT and ACT

  2. Test-Taking Strategies such as "Plugging in" and "Back-solving"

  3. Arithmetic Shortcuts for fractions, percents, exponents, averages, ratios

  4. Algebra Strategies for word problems and functions

  5. Critical Reading -- learn what to read and what not to read

  6. Vocabulary and Mnemonic Devices- students learn the words they will need using fun, powerful techniques

  7. Personal Pace—students learn where to spend their energy in order to maximize their score and avoid wasting time.

  8. Students will attend three simulated SATs that will make them comfortable with the test style, pace, and questions. Weekly exercises also help them to develop other test-taking skills.


Additional Benefits from Standard of Excellence’s College Assessment Test Prep course (PSAT/ SAT/ACT Preparatory CourseJ

  1. Accurate measure of score and improvement

  2. Students become comfortable with real testing conditions

  3. Individualized reports highlighting strengths and weaknesses

  4. Detailed test reviews to improve subject knowledge

  5. Students will also learn how the test is structured and scored

  6. College application deadlines


  • Student Supply List - CATP (Full Year Course)

    • (No spiral bound notebooks – see message below)

    • Please have Notebooks assembled BEFORE the first day of class!

      • 2 black pens

      • 4 pencils (#2)

      • 1 two inch 3-ring notebook with dividers (No spiral bound notebooks)

      • 6 notebook dividers: (Title: Syllabus/ Calendar, Notes, Critical Reading, Writing,

      • Math, Strategies)

      • 1 Spiral Index Card Pack – 5 Colors (WalMart)

      • 3 two-pocket folders with notebook holes (to hold Exam 1-3)

      • 32 sheet protectors to hold syllabus, calendar, etc.

      • 64 sheets of ruled paper (No spiral bound notebooks)

Navigating the Transition to College
Suggested Age







College is a huge time of transition. Everything changes. In order to be successful students have to be prepared to navigate spiritually, academically and relationally. Many students who excel academically in high school find themselves struggling to make good grades in college. Statistics tell that 80% of high school graduates who are active in their faith stop attending church. 1 in 4 college students will struggle significantly with stress to the extent that it will interfere with their academics. This course is designed to help students learn the skills necessary to succeed in college. Throughout the course we will watch interviews with college students who will share what they learned the hard way about study skills, relationships and spiritual growth. During the course we will spend time focusing on how to navigate the system of college- a key aspect that can be difficult for homeschoolers. Using discussion, debate and readings we will analyze key aspects of Christianity so that when challenged by competing world- views students emerge with their faith intact. In addition this course will break down how college and high school differ and equip students with the study and planning skills they need to succeed. Finally we will discuss the practical aspects of college such as building relationships, living with roommates and managing stress.


  • The reading list for this course is still being finalized and will be available in May.

SAT Prep
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This course will prepare students to complete the SAT exam with confidence. Using repetitive practice of genuine SATs, students will become comfortable with the material they will see on the exam. Every week, lectures will focus on concepts in math, verbal, and writing, with exercises in building vocabulary, increasing student efficiency, and more. At home, students will simulate testing conditions as they complete real SAT exams for homework, putting the concepts from class into practice. By cycling through the sections of the exam structure ten times in the course of a school year, students will be prepared to approach the format and content of the SAT with familiarity and clarity.



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