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SAT Prep (Becker)

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Academic Development


College Prep

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Students must have completed Algebra 1. Ideally, they will also have completed or be currently enrolled in Algebra 2.

SAT Prep (Becker)

Course Description:


This academic-year course is designed to help students maximize their scores on the SAT and/or PSAT. It is most appropriate for sophomores (who will take the PSAT in the fall of their junior year) and juniors (who will take the SAT for college admissions and scholarships in the summer preceding or fall of their senior year). However, the course can be helpful for seniors, too – many colleges with automatic, score-based scholarships will allow students to increase their scholarship level by submitting higher scores up until the end of their senior year!


Students will start by learning about the purpose and importance of these tests, and strategies that can help in all test-taking situations. They will then work to improve their skills in the areas measured by the tests: reading, grammar, and math. They will also take several official practice tests during the year to increase confidence and measure progress. At the end of the course, students will be taught a plan for review during the weeks immediately preceding their test date.

The course will require an average of 1-2 hours of homework each week. It is not meant to replace English or math courses, but will be a valuable supplement to them. (Keep in mind that all reading and all high-quality courses – such as those offered by ODA – contribute to a higher SAT score!)


  • Students will need 3 non-consumable test prep books by Christian Heath and official practice tests from the College Board. In order to get a bulk discount on the textbooks and printed tests, families will pay a curriculum fee to the teacher for those items.

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