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​Academic Services

Curriculum: Ages 5-18

Some of our teachers share their thoughts about their discipline from ages 5 through 18.

Standards of Excellence

We have the best SAT, ACT, and PSAT program in the Austin area – students SAT scores go up an average of 420 points upon completion of the course.

College Transition & Career Path Advising

Aptitude and skills, applications and essay writing, financial aid, college selection

Standardized Testing

Iowa Test of Basic Skills, Stanford Achievement Test – to make sure your children are at or above grade level


Earn college credit while still in high school, free of charge – up to 42 hours.

High School Majors

Cluster courses with a purpose, preview college expectations, strengthen a transcript

Texas Graduation Requirements

Legally binding only for public school graduates. But still a good standard to match or beat in the process of preparing for and competing for college entrance spots.



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