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What are the benefits of using the One Day Academy style of education?


The standard answers are many:

  • High quality instructors

  • Affordable costs

  • Convenient options

  • Family friendly structure

  • There are other answers which many people are not aware of:

  • Reduced college costs

  • Reduced college duration

  • Increased range of college options


How does this work?


High School Freshman can now register with a community college such as Austin Community College (ACC), Blinn College or Temple College.


After community college admission, (admission options are not always consistent, even within a school) students can enroll in up 6 dual credit hours per semester. These are core classes only, like math, science & English. It is much lower cost than regular college tuition for the same classes, and academically fairly manageable.


After 5 semesters, a student could have 30 hours, making them a transfer student. 


If a student can accumulate 30 hours with a 3.7 – 4.0 GPA, college entrance options are broadened, since the transfer population is academically less competitive than the traditional freshman population.


The cost of this is much less than regular tuition at these community colleges, except for textbooks. Your district will determine your reduced rate that you pay per credit hour. 


This plan allows a student to have 30 college hours, 1/4 of a traditional degree, completed before high school graduation. This can allow a full-time student to get out of college in 3 years, or a working student to get out in 4 with fewer hours each semester.


This plan is not the best option for everyone. But it is an often-used plan that can use a student’s non-traditional status to his favor.

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