Psychology Courses

Psychology and Scripture

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Jesus offers His followers an ‘abundant life’ in Him. And yet, why are so many of us weighed down with anxiety, depression, addictions and fear?

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior, and while there are many theories on the topic, there is no better place to look than Scripture, where we discover who we are and what motivates our lives. The instructor will lead the class in exploring human thought processes and behavior in light of biblical truth.

This will be an excellent intro course in Psychology, while laying a solid biblical foundation for those interested in careers in counseling, social work, missions and ministry. This class will also serve as a catalyst for personal spiritual transformation for the student. Small group discussions, weekly journaling assignments and bible meditation will take the teachings and bring it to a personal level.

Topics include:

  • Our Unique Design: personality and learning styles

  • Brain processes: thought life and its effect on behavior

  • Relational Health: conflict resolution and the power of forgiveness

  • Disorders: Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Addictions, Depression

  • Community: connecting relationships as a foundation for emotional health

Introduction to Psychology

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This course is designed to be an Introduction to Psychology course.  It will cover:

  1. Developmental Theories

  2. Mental Health

  3. Diagnostics

  4. Interventions

  5. Ethics

  6. Career and Licensure Information

Using the Bible, the Textbook and relevant scholarly journal articles, these 6 categories will be covered from a Christian World View.  The class will use guided and Socratic discussions to study major theories of  development, mental health and interventions.  We will compare and contrast these theories with Scripture.  We will learn and practice diagnostic skills on five axes and choose appropriate interventions.  We will learn the basics of 5 interventions (Psychoanalytic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic, Solution-Focused and Community Focused).  We will think about them critically in the light of Scripture.  We will define ethics and discuss ethical dilemmas that could impact a Christian in the mental health profession. Finally, we will discuss career choices and different types of licensure.

This class meets all the requirements for an advanced Introduction to Psychology Course. I will have extra requirements for those that want to make it an Honors course.