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Introduction to Psychology

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Introduction to Psychology

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This course is an academic introduction to psychology from a biblical perspective. The content of this class parallels the content covered in a general psychology class at the undergraduate level, but it is spaced over one school year and has additional Christian worldview components. For one school year, students will learn the fundamentals of psychology, including:

  1. The history of psychology

  2. The main schools of thought in psychology

  3. Topical psychology, like emotion, cognition, visual processing, etc.

  4. Famous psychologists and their experiments

A biblical worldview frames all topics using the Bible, textbook, case studies, and relevant scholarly articles. Each school of thought is compared and contrasted with biblical truth, and students will examine psychology from a Christian perspective. As students familiarize themselves with typical symptoms of common mental health disorders, they will practice introductory diagnostic techniques. Through case studies, biblical analysis, and discussion, students will learn discernment around medical ethics in psychology. Throughout the course, students will discuss career options in the field of psychology at every level of education, from a high school diploma to a doctorate.

Students can expect to spend 2-4 hours weekly on homework assignments. To prepare for college-level research, students will read various materials: textbooks, case studies, self-reported surveys, and scholarly journals. Students will complete self-analysis assessments, conduct psychological experiments, and observe video recordings. During class at One Day Academy, content regularly swaps between lecture and instructor-led discussion. Students will also discuss homework in small groups.



  • Psych 101

  • Internet access for relevant articles, research, and assignments.

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