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Fine Arts



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Building Art Skills would be of great benefit. A desire to be creative


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In this class students will discover the techniques, concepts, and fun of digital photography. They will learn the skills of digital imaging to edit and transform their photographic images. Students will build skills in core concepts of effective design and show application through image and storytelling.

Students will learn how to take great photos using their smart phones or a digital camera. They will learn and apply basics of Photographic composition through rule of thirds, lighting, contrast, perspective, texture, exposure and understand the art of photography by how to tell a story with their photographs.

Students will study Master photographers. We will use Principles and Elements of art to critique master works of art so that students can fine tune their own photographic, computer imaging, and design skills by seeking the tips of the masters.

Students will keep Process journals by using a series of objectives when critiquing their own photography, digital imaging, and design projects. This will help them to understand their own creative process, understand how they are applying the skills which they have learned. Then they will evaluate if they have successful rendered their concepts.

Student will learn various techniques of digital imaging, editing, and creating digital design with their photographs.

Projects will emulate real world projects. This will give students a feel for myriad of Photography, imaging and design job possibilities.

Our God is a marvelous creator. My objective is help students see His creations in a completely new and unique way, develop their own creativity sense and skills, and to learn to find the beauty in themselves, and the awe in all of God creations.


  • Students must own a smart phone or digital camera that has 1080p resolution or better.

  • They must bring it to class to take photos and will be responsible for taking photos outside of class too as well as written homework assignments.

  • Students need a USB 256 or 512 GB Flash drive for saving their work on. This will also need to be brought to class each week.

  • Students need to have a computer at home with FREE GIMP software installed.

  • Students will edit and work on computer assignments at home.

  • The Student will also learn the importance of the Elements of Design, the Golden Mean, and the understanding of Composition in Art.

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