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Middle School English 2

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Middle School English

Suggested Age:

12-14 years old, students who want to work at approximately a 7th or 8th grade level.


Teacher and parent’s discretion

Middle School English 2

Course Description:


The purpose and goal of this class is to take the focused grammar study from earlier middle and elementary English courses and implement them in students’ writing. This class will prepare students for the rigor of high school writing by laying a strong foundation. Students will also study vocabulary, learning how to derive the meaning of words based on the root.



  • Students will utilize and apply the grammar skills from other English courses.

  • A variety or writing styles will be explored. Narratives, topical, literature response, and poetry are just a few types of writing which will be examined.

  • The foundation for high school writing will be laid.


  • Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 8 will be the main text utilized.

  • A brief grammar lesson will be taught in class. Grammar will mostly be taught as a review.

  • Homework will help reinforce and review basic grammar skills.


  • Weekly vocabulary charts.

  • Vocabulary/Spelling words that teach derivation of words from roots.

  • Vocabulary/Spelling words which can be integrated into students’ writing.

Parental Responsibilities

Parents are responsible for grading anything that has a key, which includes spelling, vocabulary charts and grammar. All grades will be recorded and turned into the teacher as the teacher requests. Teachers will keep track of grades throughout the semesters and give final grades. Teachers will also grade compositions and exams.


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