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Middle School Engineering 1

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Engineering & Technology



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A curiosity of the world around us and how things work. Students typically like to build things and want to explore new ideas.

Middle School Engineering 1

Course Description:

This course is for lower middle school students, and is an overview of the world of Engineering.  Engineering principles are presented with a Christian worldview.   Some of the engineering fields that will be explored are mechanical, computer, biomedical, chemical, electrical, aerospace, and architecture.  The class will learn the basic principles in these disciplines and then build and design a project each week.  Students work in teams as they develop their designs just like in a working environment.  There are lots of hands on activities to demonstrate the lessons and time for discussion on how and why design decisions are made.  Some project examples include spaghetti bridges, dams, water turbines, electroplating, computer and appliance dissection, construction under landslide and earthquake conditions and much more.  Since problem solving is key to any engineering field, it is an integral part of this class.  Weekly assignments are given on simple math concepts and engineering principles.  Student will also be taught how to draw objects in an isometric form.   This course will also emphasize the development of Christian ethics.


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