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High School English

Suggested Age:

13 and up


Students should have some previous writing instruction and be able to work independently.


Course Description:

The focus of this class will be on journalistic writing, but students also will be instructed on the various branches of the news media and the general communications field. This will include:

  • Reporting

  • Interviewing

  • Article writing (online or print news)

  • History of journalism and Christian ethics in journalism

  • Analyzing and tracking current news topics

  • Editing and proofing

  • Copy writing (television, radio)

  • Photography as it relates to journalism with emphasis on content and what constitutes good visual coverage of a story

  • Editorial management

  • Opinion and editorial writing

  • Overview of the communications field, including broadcast journalism, social media, public relations, etc.

Students will write for ODA Insight, One Day Academy’s online blog. Reporting, writing, and photography are assigned as homework, with weekly progress and drafts graded for effort, writing quality, and timeliness. This class is considered an introduction to publishing and other media, so students will learn the importance of meeting deadlines and how to produce an article from start to finish in a timely manner.


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