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Current Events from A Christian World View

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World View

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Current Events from A Christian World View

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Rather than merely reacting to current events, Christians must be proactive. We must charge the next generation with the unchanging truth of the Gospel, rooted in knowledge and wisdom. Our Current Events class is anchored in Scripture, and this conviction serves as our guiding principle throughout the curriculum. This course aims to analyze the truthfulness and trustworthiness the information we receive from news and media and compare them to a biblical worldview.

Students will:

  • Study current events as they unfold

  • Learn to differentiate between fake news and reliable news sources

  • Research the background of current news events

  • Analyze the causes and effects of current events

  • Give Power Point presentations to demonstrate what they have learned

This is an interactive course. Students will engage in lively discussions and debates during class time.


Students are expected to read a news source at least three times a week to familiarize themselves with the fast-paced nature of current events. Class participation is a vital aspect of this course and can be earned through active engagement in discussions. Depending on the duration of their reading, listening, or watching of news sources, students can anticipate spending 2-4 hours per week on homework.


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