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Community Theater

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Fine Arts



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Community Theater

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This course is designed to allow students to use their God given talents to glorify the Lord through the performing arts. Unique to this class will be the opportunity to create, develop, and perform an original Christmas play for the public. Students will be sharing their talents with the community as they travel to various locations to perform. The emphasis will then shift to participation in the Spring Production. Community Theater will join talents with Theater Production to perform an end of the year show. Students will be guided to build up and encourage one another in an atmosphere of Christian fellowship.

Through improvisation, teamwork, encouragement, and direction the class will learn how to develop their own play. The elements of what makes a play interesting and entertaining along with plot, conflict, characterization, conflict resolution, and the concept of having a beginning, middle, and end will be explored. They will develop the skills necessary to create a show from brainstorming, and discussion to final production. During class these topics will be covered stage presence, gestures, enunciation, projection, blocking, pantomime, improvisation, character development, memorization, auditioning, vocal techniques, and stage direction.


  • Notebook for handouts

  • Provide your own costume

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