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Coding Fundamentals Using Python

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Engineering & Technology


Computer Programming

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10wpm typing speed

Coding Fundamentals Using Python

Course Description:

Learn to code with the power of Python! This  is a fun interactive style class that will teach the fundamentals of  coding. Students will be taught coding concepts by creating programs  through activities such as art, games, puzzles, data graphing, and  applications. Students will learn how to write and solve programs  through coding concepts, such as variables, data types, and loops. There  will be weekly exercises and fun hands-on projects throughout the year.  Each concept gets more difficult as their skills grow and is  accompanied by real world samples that are applied and explained.

Python  is a typed, command-line programming language and is one of the most  popular and used programming languages in the world.  No prior  experience is needed.

Course  requirements: Students must have a laptop computer with Windows 10 or  later that they can use for the entire year and bring to class each  week.  A book is also required to purchase. Python is a free program so there is no cost associated.


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