Biology 2

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Natural Science


High School Science

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Pre-requisite for this upper-level course is Biology 1 and Chemistry 1 and is a detailed study of the 11 organ systems of the human body.

Biology 2

Course Description:

One high school credit 
The goal of this course is to bring praise to our awesome Creator through the study the Human Body systems.

•    The course is extensive in microscope study and dissection.  Dissection examinations may include per instructor: chicken wing, sheep brain, cow eye, kidney, sheep heart, pregnant rat and fetal pig.  

Safety protocol and best lab practices will be emphasized.  Labs will include a PowerPoint lecture over material covered at home prior to class. Students perform hands-on experiments. 

Students will take notes in the course supplement and the instructor will determine quizzes and exams. Module Tests are taken at home under parent supervision.

Formal Lab Report Required