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Beginning Band

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Fine Arts



Suggested Age:

At least 10 years of age (Students under ten may participate depending on the student’s hand/finger size and facial muscular control)



Beginning Band

Course Description:


Beginning Band is for students with no experience on their instrument. Beginners are taught all of the techniques essential to making music. First-year students do not need to know how to read music. Our complete curriculum ranges from choosing the best instrument to interpreting music notation to playing the instrument in performance. Students completing the beginning band course will be qualified to participate in an advanced concert band class to be offered next year.

Instruction in a class setting is available for flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone and concert percussion. Students who are just beginning their band experience are given an extensive evaluation by the instructor so that they and their parents can choose the best instrument for them. Please see the registration form for contact information to set up an instrument screening session during the summer. Each student is responsible for providing their own instrument. Mr. Waller has access to several fine stores in the Austin area who provide rental/purchase plans for beginners.

Students will perform in two concerts per year. Both performances will be in combination with beginning band students at other ODA sites. The first performance will be in December and the second in May. Beginning students may elect to participate in the TPSMEA solo competition with the director’s approval.


  • The basic text is Essential Elements for Band published by Hal Leonard. The price of the book is included in most rental/purchase plans. Performance music for concerts is provided by the instructor.

  • Each student should provide their own instrument as well as a sturdy, portable music stand, portable metronome and supplies necessary for their particular instrument (reeds, valve oil, etc.)

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