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American Literature

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High School English

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Completion of H.S. English 1 or upon approval of the instructor based on a writing sample.

American Literature

Course Description:


The course’s first semester focuses on the culture of the United States surrounding the Civil  War while the second semester highlights the consequences of our country’s progressive social  evolution away from being predominantly Christian.


Students will learn how classic American authors utilized characterization, setting, irony, and other literary tools to expand upon various themes, often in ways that are unique to American culture. Students consider the use of these tools and themes and analyze them from a Christian perspective through class discussion and writing assignments. Lessons include:

  • An overview of the history of the time period and its predominant worldviews;

  • An explanation of the authors’ backgrounds and personal worldviews;

  • Charts, essay questions, and literary analysis essays.

Parental Responsibilities

Parents are responsible for purchasing the course workbook and each of the reading titles  (print version preferred) for their student at the beginning of the year. While library editions  are also permitted, students must have the workbook and the current reading book with them  in class each week. Parents are also asked to help their student pace out their reading, fill in the  worksheets, and submit their writing and worksheet assignments on time.


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