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Advanced Theater Production

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Fine Arts



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Participation is by audition and/or successful completion of a Theatre class.

Advanced Theater Production

Course Description:

Advanced Theatre Production will focus on staging a full two act play for the public. The student will experience all facets of theatrical production and will grow in his ability to express himself confidently and joyfully, nurturing his self-esteem while at the same time inspiring a love of classical literature. By learning to portray noble characters with genuine emotion and by exploring and communicating noble ideas and themes, the student may lift himself, his audience, and his fellow actors to a higher moral plane where beauty and truth shine more brightly, and God is seen more clearly.


Advanced Theatre Production will continue to develop skills learned in Theatre I through engaging exercises, games, and instruction. Topics previously introduced will be studied in more depth and principles will be applied in the staging of two full-length plays to be performed – one in the Fall and one in the Spring.

Topics to be covered are

  1. Pantomime and Improvisation

  2. The Theatrical Cue

  3. Elements of Good Drama

  4. Staying in Character

  5. Voice for the Stage

  6. Sense Awareness and Memorization

  7. The Art of Characterization

  8. Stage Make-up, Props, Sets and basic Technical Theater

  9. Staging the Play

Course Requirements

Homework assignments to be prepared for class will include character study, and students will be required to memorize their lines according to a schedule.
Once we begin staging the play, attendance at all classes and rehearsals will be extremely important. Additional rehearsals may be necessary in preparation for the end-of-year performance, and students may want to participate in outside-of-class opportunities for set construction and design.

Students will not receive a grade for Theatre, but they will get credit for the course based on the following criteria:

  1. Class attendance

  2. Class participation and attentiveness

  3. Completion of all homework assignments and preparedness for class.


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