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Buy Yearbook & Yearbook Ads


ODA will have REGIONAL yearbooks

for 2021-2022

There is a Houston Region yearbook


a other regional yearbooks TBD

One Day Academy yearbooks are created & printed by Picaboo Yearbooks (a division of Picaboo image printing & publishing service).


Deadline to order books to receive them before school ends to get them Signed is MAY 15 (but you can order your book anytime since they will be available in the store for years!)


3 formats to choose from:

           Stunning hardcover 

           Affordable softcover 

           Compact eBook for FREE

You get… 4 FREE PERSONALIZED PAGES of your own homeschool experience! 


Watch this video to see how easy it is


  • All yearbooks are delivered DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME.

  • So you must make an account with Picaboo Yearbooks so they know where to send your yearbook.

  • You can choose your shipping speed & price.

  • All yearbooks are paid for AT Picaboo Yearbooks.

  • Any problems with your order should be resolved with Picaboo Yearbooks directly.

Order ODA yearbooks here:
Upload CENTX pics here!
Upload HOUSTON pics here!
Got some GREAT campus pics?
  • Cool experiment in class today?

  • Awesome field trip pics?

  • Or just some fun on campus?

To Purchase ODA Yearbook ads &

Student Honorariums


All ads must be submitted

by March 1

Yearbook Ad Costs:
  • Full page $
  • 1/2 page $
  • 1/4 page $
  • 1/8 page $
  • Love Lines $


A great way to honor a graduating senior or any student! Use pictures, letters, memories are all a great way to celebrate your student! 


Artwork is based on 8" x 11.5" page size.

Parent ad space is available until the deadline no later than MAY 1.



Contact your Regional Director

Company Ad pages - Full page $100, 1/2 page $50, 1/3 page $33, 1/4 page $25

Ad space is available until the deadline no later than MAY 1. Artwork needs to be based on 9" x 12" page size! If you have any questions about purchasing ad space, contact your Regional Director


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