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Parent/Student Comments

We have loved ODA for many years, and it has provided a huge help to our family’s education process. We are very grateful for all ODA provides.

From both student and parent perspective, we find the teachers at ODA to be excellent.  Their communication, level of instruction and willingness to help are all above expectation.  The course offerings are foundational yet diverse and the supporting curricula offers rigor with comprehensibility.  ODA has been a valuable resource and blessing to our family.

Thank you so much for existing!  Without ODA, I’m not sure we could continue homeschooling, and I KNOW we wouldn’t be doing as good of a job as we are.  It has taken a huge load off me so that I can care for my little ones at home while my big kids are getting solid instruction, a good schedule, and accountability.

I would just like to say that my entire family is very happy with ODA. The kids are happy there and the teacher are fantastic! We are so blessed to be a part of your organization!

All my kids love their teachers and have already asked if they are taking classes at One Day next year

I would like to express my thanks to you for hiring not just teachers for my children, but Godly role models. This is our third year at ODA and have been blessed.  My children were very nervous about specific areas of learning and both of these Godly woman guided them with love, concern and diligence to give them a successful experience. They both went above and beyond being a teacher and were a role model for Christ.

Our experience at ODA over the last 10 years or so has been very positive. It has given us the opportunity to develop friendships which we have been able to maintain through the years. Among the wonderful, loving, enthusiastic teachers we have been blessed to have classes with, there has never been a teacher who did not meet our expectations in punctuality, in challenging our children, and in professional demeanor.

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Our overall experience with ODA has been excellent!  We’ve been with you for about 7 years and 3 campuses.   One thing that I’ve also been impressed with is how flexible the teachers are to individual child needs.  Since some of my children have learning challenges, we’ve been able to make adjustments so they can be in peer level classes.   We appreciate the Christian influence of all the teachers.  My college level kids were better prepared for college because of ODA than if we had not participated.  We’re thankful for this!

This is our second year at One Day and we love it. I can't say enough kind words about the staff

Our family is so grateful for ODA. I don't think we would have made it through high school without the support of this amazing homeschool resource!  In our experience, the teachers have been wonderful. They love Jesus and instill a love of learning as they share their passion for a subject and utilize their area of expertise to improve what otherwise would have been a subject of struggle for me at home.  Because of ODA, my high schools became proficient at writing themselves.

I have really appreciated the option of ODA and overall the experience has been excellent.  Well run and lots of additional perks.   I love the Christ honoring atmosphere.

I have really appreciated the option of ODA and overall the experience has been excellent.  Well run and lots of additional perks.   I love the Christ honoring atmosphere.

My son has been taking ODA classes for three years now. The teachers have been great! Very knowledgeable in their subject area and great with the kids.   He loves the friends he has there and getting to spend the day with them once a week.

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