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Summer Humanities



  • How can I know if I have Interpreted the Biblical text correctly?

  • What are the best bible study resources? Websites? Software? Books?

  • Who determines the meaning of a text?  You? Me? The church?

  • Do I read Psalms the same way as Romans?

  • What is the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament?  


Course Description

This is a highly practical course on the principles and practices for faithfully and correctly interpreting Scripture.  The student will explore the essential qualifications, tools and goals of a biblical interpreter. The course will provide a survey of the different genres in the Bible, and the basic principles for interpreting them.  It will conclude with addressing proper application strategies and the role of the Holy Spirit in interpreting, using and applying Scripture.


Students Will Be Able To:

Identify the best Bible study reference books.

Explore and use the best Bible study websites.

· Examine the historical-cultural background of a text to determine its meaning.

Identify different genres in the Bible.

Analyze and interpret different types of Biblical language.

Follow the Holy Spirit in interpreting, using and applying Scripture.


Suggested Age: 14-17

Prerequisites:  None

Course Length:  8 weeks (Begins June 6, 2019)

Course Cost:  $25 Registration Fee, $120 Tuition

Materials:  Bible, Supplemental handouts provided  

Approaching Cross-Cultural Missions

Suggested Age:




In Matthew 28, Jesus commands His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them to observe what He had taught them. As Christians, we are part of this great commission and should all be involved in the spreading of the gospel throughout the world. Whether we send and support missionaries or go to the mission field, it is vital to understand what it truly means to fulfill the great commission.

In this course, students will learn what being a missionary means and how to approach life and work as a missionary in another country and cultural context. They will observe the early Church in the New Testament, what Scripture says is necessary for evangelism, and the example of missionaries in Scripture, like Paul. We will also discuss different strategic methods for building the Church and equipping the Saints throughout the world. Cultures and practices around the world differ, and there is freedom and beauty in churches around the world each worshipping a little differently. Students will grow in understanding where there is freedom for differences in worship according to different contexts and navigating an unfamiliar culture with the treasure of the gospel.







Excerpts from different books will be provided by the instructor

Analyzing Current Events

This is an eight-week course that will provide students with a broad understanding of current events – domestic, foreign and economic.
The student will analyze news events by examining the historical background that contributes to the present situation. This course is designed to provoke the student’s interest in current events, economics, and politics through the use of lively classroom discussions.

Students will:
      •  Learn about the people, countries, and events in the news today.
      •  Research the background of specific news events.
      •  Analyze the causes and effects of those events.
      •  Formulate thesis responses to questions about the news.

This is an interactive course. Students will read news articles, engage in classroom discussions and give oral presentations on current news events. Students should expect to spend three hours per week preparing for class.

Suggested Ages: 14-18

Prerequisite: None

Curriculum: None
No textbook is required, but students will need Internet access for coursework.

Every Morning with Jesus: Life Lessons for God’s Woman

June 22 to July 27

This six week summer class will focus on some of the most significant life lessons for those who desire to grow in their relationship with the Lord. This class is also open to moms and will be an opportunity for moms and daughters to grow in their relationship with the LORD as well as in their relationship with each other. If desired, we will be sure to have "just student and teacher" time too.

These lessons are the foundation of a life of godliness and joy. They are called life lessons because no matter what our age, season of life, or where we are in our journey, we need to be encouraged to pursue these qualities. The "homework" is more devotional in nature and designed to cultivate a life-long desire to spend time alone with Jesus.

      •  Week 1: Focusing on That Which Matters Most
      •  Week 2: Satisfied with His Love
      •  Week 3: Becoming a Woman of Faith
      •  Week 4: Treasuring God’s Word
      •  Week 5: Cultivating a Thankful Heart
      •  Week 6: Finding Peace in Life’s Chaos

At the end of the six weeks, you will also be given three more lessons to complete on your own: Finding Joy in the Lord, Becoming a Life-giving Woman, and The Beauty of a Surrendered Life.

Cost of the class: $80 (moms are free)
Course materials: $25 per book — Every Morning with Jesus: Life Lessons for God’s Woman by Doreen Moore
Scholarships are available for Bible classes!

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