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NOTE: Not all courses are offered each summer. Please see Summer Course Schedules.

Summer Academic Development


Suggested Age:

The NEW PSAT Preparation course offered by Standards of Excellence is a comprehensive course designed to prepare your student for the Redesigned PSAT Test. The course focuses on building a foundation for the SAT through preliminary material in all identical areas except complexity of questions in addition to sections that test Trigonometry, higher level math with imaginary numbers, the number of Science/ social studies passages with infographics in addition to the essay.

In our PSAT course, we focus on building a strong foundation in all areas of math – especially real-life math problems, as well as vocabulary and roots in addition to the Evidence-based Critical Reading, and Evidence Based Writing sections. We only offer our PSAT course during the summer program since the official PSAT / NMSQT test is in October. You may take the PSAT as a middle schooler, freshman and sophomore, but only the student's junior year score counts towards the NMSQT.

Standards of Excellence does not administer the test; we just present the course materials and practice tests (3).

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