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Student Internships

What is a student intern? 

A high school student or super senior who helps a specific faculty member manage and oversee a classroom-based class.  

What does a student intern do? 

Helps the faculty member facilitate everything which is a part of the class: 

  • Work with students individually to answer questions or help get caught up

  • Grade and / or record daily work

  • Help manage in-class activities such as labs, games, projects, or discussion groups

  • Support in the proctoring of in-class quizzes and tests

What are the benefits of a student internship? 

Good for the student: 

  • A chance to work closely with a faculty member in the implementation of a class

  • A chance to experience the process of teaching and the calling of serving young people

  • A chance to walk in an adult role - good experience and looks great on resumes

Good for the faculty member: 

  • Support with the tasks of managing a class 

  • A chance to invest in a young person with skill in a particular discipline 

Good for the students in the class: 

  • Assistance - an extra person to provide individual attention as needed 

  • Inspiration - a chance to interact with a younger person who has worked hard in a particular discipline. 

Who is eligible to participate in a student internship? 

Any student aged 14-19 who has completed at least one year in a specific discipline through ODA

How do I apply for a student internship? 

Contact the teacher whose class you are interested in serving.

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