Welcome to One Day Seminars

One Day Academy offers the option of ONE DAY seminar classes for condensed, unique learning opportunities.

What are One Day Seminars?

Short courses, offered by One Day Academy faculty members, all taking place on ONE DAY

Why are we holding seminars?

Expanded courses - highlighting topics and ideas which students would not devote an entire year to but would enjoy focusing on for one day. 


Expanded faculty availability - to give our faculty the ability to dive deeply into a specific subject about which they are passionate and knowledgeable.  We have an amazing faculty and we want to give them permission to focus on something amazing. 


Expanded opportunities – any ODA student in any region can travel to participate in a seminar which interests them


How do parents sign up their children for a seminar?

Like a regular 34 week class.  The list of courses is available with the rest of the schedules.  And faculty members offering a seminar have it listed on their respective registration forms.

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