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Katy Cornerstone Campus

Katy Campus Church of the Holy Aposltes full.png

Campus Admissions: Jennifer Bolt| 832-538-5977 |

Campus Director: Melissa Diaz |832-692-7597 |


Michelle Allen
Provost Faculty – Humanities, English, Fine Arts
Karin Bronikowski
Faculty – Natural Science, Engineering & Technology
Amber Brown
Division Chair - Natural Science Faculty – Natural Science
Ely Butuyan
Division Chair - Foreign Language Faculty – Foreign Language
Rochelle Connell
Faculty – English
Katherine Estrada
Faculty – Fine Arts
Robert Gowing
Faculty – Fine Arts
Jennifer Lindley
Faculty – Natural Science
Matt Mancini
Faculty – Humanities
Nikki Mancini
Faculty – Mathematics
Missy Thompson
Faculty – Humanities
Wendy Walker
Faculty – English, Academic Development
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